"The true human is someone who is aware, someone who is moment-by-moment merged with life…
Out of that capacity of inner and outer listening comes the quality of humility."

Through form, color and movement I strive to embrace that merger with life…Examining the inner and outer process of past and present experiences , which encompasses the impact of loss emerging with hope…Always listening.

Coleen is a self-taught artist. It was her chance meeting with the master abstract expressionist Willem DeKooning, which truly lit the fire. “I had the opportunity to be in DeKooning’s East Hampton studio. Watching the master work on more then one canvas at a time, absorbing the colors, the form, the energy of his studio was a life changing moment”. Her many influences include Wilfredo Lam, Roberto Matta, and Paul Klee, to name a few. Coleen’s work is in a variety of private collection in New York, Boston, Washington DC, and San Francisco.

Gallery 4222
Ripe Gallery

Woman’s Art Recognition Movement W.A.R.M.
Southampton Artists Association
Art From The Heart
Pen & Brush
Art Studio 85
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